Visit The Sahara, The Largest Desert In The world

Visit Sahara. Image: Andrzej Kryszpiniuk, Unsplash.
Visit Sahara. Image: Andrzej Kryszpiniuk, Unsplash.

Deserts are geographic spaces marked by the low presence of water. They can have various origins and different landscapes. The largest in the world is the Sahara, located in North Africa and encompasses several countries. Do you want to know what are the main attractions of this desert? Then read this article that we have prepared for you!

Top Attractions in Sahara

We will now talk about the main attractions of the Sahara desert:

  • Visit the Sahara from Morocco;
  • Spend a night in the Sahara desert;
  • Tour with a nomadic desert tribe;
  • Visit an oasis in the desert;
  • Tide a camel through the sahara dunes.

Visit the Sahara from Morocco

Morocco is located northwest of Africa and is very close to the Iberian Peninsula. In history, the Moors, peoples who occupy North Africa, occupied entire regions of the European continent for centuries. The proximity makes access to the country easy. In addition, Morocco has excellent infrastructure to receive tourists from all over the world.

One of the country’s main attractions is the Sahara, which can be accessed quickly from any of its cities. In addition to visiting the desert, you can take the opportunity to get to know the many medieval cities in Morocco, in addition to its markets, spices, smells, mosques and much more of its rich culture.

Spend a night in the Sahara desert

Image: Sergey Pesterev, unsplash.
Image: Sergey Pesterev, unsplash.

The magnetism of the desert is directly related to its immensity. In this way, no other desert is as incredible in this sense as the Sahara, as this is the largest in the world. This immensity at the same time that delights, frightens. Not rare are the legends of merchants and nomads who got lost while crossing the desert.

In this way, a very interesting way to enjoy the Sahara desert is to take an overnight tour. The space will be completely dark and the lights of the stars and the moon will illuminate the sky and the sands of the desert. Undoubtedly an amazing life experience for you to have in your life.

Tour with a nomadic desert tribe

Image: Kazuo Ota, Unsplash.
Image: Kazuo Ota, Unsplash.

The Sahara has numerous nomadic tribes, especially the Bedouins. These people are millenary and preserve the culture of the desert, especially with regard to costumes and gastronomy. Many of them offer experiences, such as night or day trips, or even gastronomic experiences. So, how about enjoying the desert with people who have been there for centuries?

In addition to being an incredible experience, this action is very important for those who want to take good souvenir photos.

Visit an oasis in the desert

Image: Halima Bouchouicha, Unsplash.
Image: Halima Bouchouicha, Unsplash.

For millennia, oases have held a mystique unrivaled in desert regions. They are true sources of life in a dry environment. In this way, knowing them became sacred for countless peoples and merchants who needed to cross the desert. Finding them was a sign of life or death for the people of the desert.

In the Sahara, they are many and many of them are tourist attractions. You can visit them and in some of them you can cool off with their waters or even drink directly from their ponds.

Tide a camel through the sahara dunes

Image: Y K, Unsplash.
Image: Y K, Unsplash.

Camels are characteristic animals of the desert. They are widely used, even today, as a means of transport and cargo. In this way, one of the most sought after tours by tourists are those involving these animals. Many guides offer this alternative, which makes your experience richer and more real.

Therefore, visiting the Sahara is, without a doubt, an incredible experience. As it fills all of North Africa, it can be accessed by different countries, such as Algeria, Morocco and Egypt. And you, what are you waiting for to discover the biggest desert in the world?

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