Know What To Visit In Iran

Visit Iran. Image: Sajad Nori, Unsplash.
Visit Iran. Image: Sajad Nori, Unsplash.

Iran is a country with ancient traditions. The country is the direct heir of the Persian Empire, unified by Cyrus the Great. Throughout history, several civilizations have been built in the region.

In this way, for history lovers, the country becomes a must visit. But not only does Iran live in the past. In recent years, the country has undergone rapid modernization. The capital Tehran is an example of this, with several modernization works and awards for architectural works.

In order to present what you should know about this extraordinary country, we made this article!

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Top Attractions in Iran

These are the main attractions of Iran:

  • Religious Architecture;
  • The interior of the country;
  • The deserts;
  • The nature of the country;
  • Tehran.

Religious Architecture

Image: Shino, Unsplash.
Image: Shino, Unsplash.

Despite being the birthplace of Zoroastrianism, Iran has a Muslim majority and the religion is official by the State. That is, it directly influences the laws of the country. Iran’s temples are known worldwide for their beauty. In addition to Islamic influences, the country’s temples have Persian elements.

Among the main options to visit in the country, we highlight the Imam Khomeini Mosque and its infinite mosaics. There is also the Nasir-ol-molk Mosque, with its beautiful stained-glass windows. The Zoroastrian temples are also worth visiting, such as the Temple of Fire and the Tower of Silence.

The interior of the country

Image: Massih Shahbazi, Unsplash.
Image: Massih Shahbazi, Unsplash.

In addition to the capital Tehran, it is worth visiting the interior of the country. The country’s transport system is very good and quickly connects the different regions. In this way, it is worth visiting several other cities, such as Yazd, the largest city inside a desert on the entire planet.

Other important attractions in the interior of the country are the historic sites, close to Shiraz, the cultural capital of the country. Isfahan is another important city with pleasant surprises such as parks and markets. Here you can find some of the best Persian rugs in all of Iran.

The deserts

Image: Amir Tadibi, Unsplash.
Image: Amir Tadibi, Unsplash.

Iran is located in a mountainous region and also has many deserts, which are an attractive part. The dunes and camels are similar to other deserts in the Middle East, but these have unique characteristics. You can, for example, camp in the Varzaneh Desert. Give preference to camp at night, when there is a superstarry sky and the experience will become magical.

Iranian deserts are more accessible than other neighbors, such as Wadi Rum in Jordan.

The nature of the country

Image: Mehrdad Rajabi, Unsplash.
Image: Mehrdad Rajabi, Unsplash.

Although Iran is full of desert areas, there are also other landscapes, such as mountains and snow. These can be seen around the city of Tehran and are covered with snow for most of the year. Ski resorts operate during the coldest months of the year.

There is also the opportunity to visit good beaches in the north of the country, on the Caspian Sea. To the south, the options are the beaches of Kish Island. There are also dense forests in the Gilan Privinca. Thus, Iran offers several natural attractions that no one can fault.


Tehran is the capital of the country. It is one of the largest metropolises in the Middle East and has excellent infrastructure, whether in terms of public transport or parks.

In recent years, the Iranian capital has also stood out for its architecture, which is modern but respects the country’s traditions.

Therefore, Iran is not a standard destination for many tourists, but it has enriching elements that you should consider. A unique culture and millennia of history are the secret of this country being so exuberant. And you, what are you waiting for to meet Persia?

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