6 Cities In Asia To Discover

Cities In Asia To Discover. Image: Ling Tang, Unsplash.
Cities In Asia To Discover. Image: Ling Tang, Unsplash.

Asia is the most populous continent in the world. In this way, as it could not be otherwise, it has some of the largest metropolises in the world. They have a large population and are quite cosmopolitan. In order to present these cities to you, we made this article.

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6 Cities In Asia To Explore

These are the cities in Asia that you must visit on your trip:

  • 1. Beijing;
  • 2. Tokyo;
  • 3. Mumbai;
  • 4. Singapore;
  • 5. Seul;
  • 6. Taipei.
  • 7. New Delhi;
  • Calcuta.

1. Beijing

Beijing is the capital of China. It’s a big global city, with infrastructure. Currently, it has been modernizing, with the opening of parks and reduction of pollution. However, its main tourist attraction is the forbidden city.

The Forbidden City. Image: Zhang Kaiyv, unsplash.
The Forbidden City. Image: Zhang Kaiyv, unsplash.

The Forbidden City represents the centralization of power in the Chinese empire for more than five centuries. It has many oriental-style gardens, more than 10,000 rooms with works of art and luxury furniture that are a reference to a great civilization that once existed in that region.

2. Tokyo

Tokyo. Image: Jezael Melgoza, Unsplas.
Tokyo. Image: Jezael Melgoza, Unsplas.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and currently the largest city in the world. The city is the financial center of the country and has several skyscrapers, museums, restaurants and similar attractions. Thus, the city is a must-visit for anyone who wants to know the most cosmopolitan city in Japan.

3. Mumbai

Mumbai. Image: Renzo d'Souza, Unsplash.
Mumbai. Image: Renzo d’Souza, Unsplash.

Mumbai is a city that embraces the present, prepares for the future, but without giving up its past. In this way, when you get to know the city, you will see the new and the old in a harmonious way, especially in the architecture of the city. Another important element of the region is its film industry, Bollywood.

4. Singapore

The world still has a few city-states. These cities have similar importance to a country, as well as institutions and international recognition. One of the most famous city states today is Singapore. In addition to business, this small Asian country has excelled in tourism. Therefore, it is worth knowing what to do in Singapore.

5. Seul

Seoul is the capital of South Korea. It is a highly developed and technological city. For those visiting the city, it is worth visiting its electronics and technology fairs, as well as discovering the edge of the Cheonggyecheon river

6. Taipei

Taipei. Image: Frolda, Unsplash.
Taipei. Image: Frolda, Unsplash.

This is the capital of the State of Taiwan, and naturally, the city with the most attractions. The city brings together a mixture of Chinese culture and Western influences. The main highlight of the city is its clean and safe streets, as well as a very efficient public transport.

One of the city’s main attractions is Freedom Square, a monument that celebrates Taiwan’s democratic values. Another highlight is the Chiang Kai-shek National Memorial, which should be visited by anyone looking to learn a little more about the country’s history.

Taipei is one of the great metropolises of East Asia. Thus, it is full of skyscrapers, the main one being the Taipei 101 Tower. The interior of the building can be visited at a cost of US$ 20. Here, you will have an excellent view of the city.

7. New Delhi

New Delhi is the capital and one of the most important cities in the country. When talking about India, the image of the city immediately comes to mind. The chaotic traffic and historical monuments, such as Humayun’s Tomb, are some of the main attractions of the city.

8. Calcuta

Between 1773 and 1911, this was the capital of India. Today, the city is world famous for hosting religious, cultural festivals and art galleries. The city also features the Mother House convent, founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

As such, Asia has many attractions for you, including its cities. What cities in Asia do you dream of visiting?[

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