5 Countries In Africa To Go To The Beach

Discover Beaches In Africa. Image: John o Nolan, Unsplash.
Discover Beaches In Africa. Image: John o Nolan, Unsplash.

When you talk about Africa, the African Savannah and safaris across the country immediately come to mind. In addition, there is also a lot about animals such as lions, zebras, rhinos, among others. But Africa is much more than that, and has a lot of history and other remarkable landscapes, such as deserts, oceans and beaches! African beaches are spread across the continent.

They are bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and some seas, the main one being the Mediterranean. We made this article to list the main beaches on the continent.

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5 Beaches In Africa To Discover

Now we will talk about the main beaches in Africa that you should know:

  • 1. Tunisia’s beaches;
  • 2. Kenya – Diani Beach and Beachs in Mombasa;
  • 3. South Africa – Boulders Beach;
  • 4. Cape Verde – Santa Maria Beach;
  • 5. Namibia – Swakopmund.

1. Tunisia’s beaches

Tunisia's beaches. Image: Halima Bouchouicha, Unsplash.
Tunisia’s beaches. Image: Halima Bouchouicha, Unsplash.

The coast of the country is very rich and has beautiful beaches, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. In this way, an option to enrich your trip is to visit the beaches on the coast of the country, which in addition to being conducive to bathing, offer beautiful landscapes.

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2. Kenya – Diani Beach and Beachs in Mombasa

Image: Clip Fredrick, Unsplash
Image: Clip Fredrick, Unsplash

Diani Beach is a mandatory destination for anyone who loves to discover beaches, regardless of the place they visit. Africa is not very famous for its beaches, but that doesn’t mean the continent doesn’t have excellent beaches. And speaking of the best, we could not fail to highlight Diani Beach, elected several times as the best beach on the African continent.

Thus, this region offers several exclusive activities, such as camel rides, and has high-end hotels and resorts.

Mombasa is located on the eastern coast of the country and is a destination for those who want to discover the beaches bathed by the Indian Ocean. Among the main beaches in the region, we highlight: Bamburi, Pirates Beach and Nialy Beach.

3. South Africa – Boulders Beach

Image: Kym Ellis, Unsplash.
Image: Kym Ellis, Unsplash.

Anyone who thinks that only Lions and Elephants live in South Africa is wrong. So, the country has a rich fauna and on this beach, located in Cape Town, you can observe several African penguins.

4. Cape Verde – Santa Maria Beach

Santa Maria Beach. Image: Katarzyna Urbanek, Unsplash.
Santa Maria Beach. Image: Katarzyna Urbanek, Unsplash.

Santa Maria is the best known beach on Ilha do Sol and is considered by many experts as one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Africa. The calm sea of ​​this beach is very inviting for a good swim, and the white and deserted sands of the beach are an invitation to walk and relax.

The beach is more than 3 km long and from it it is possible to observe the blue sea of ​​the ocean, in addition to underwater rock formations due to the crystal clear waters of the place.

5. Namibia – Swakopmund

Swakopmund is a city for those who want to break the monotony of visiting deserts. Thus, this region has several beaches. In addition, it stands out for its very particular local architecture. The practice of various activities is also an attraction of the region, such as:

  • Skydiving;
  • Sandboarding;
  • ATV tours;
  • scenic flights;
  • deep sea fishing;
  • balloon rides;
  • among others.

Therefore, Africa has excellent beaches that you must visit. They are indicated for the most different activities, such as sports, going with the family, honeymoon or even to have picnics and relax!

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