Top Beaches in Caribbean

Discover Top Beaches in Caribbean. Image: Claudia Altamimi, Unsplash.
Discover Top Beaches in Caribbean. Image: Claudia Altamimi, Unsplash.

The Caribbean is an incredible destination, especially because of the beauty of the beaches. Here we have made a list of the main ones that you need to visit on your trip to this place. Good reading!

Main Beaches In Caribbean

These are the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean:

  • James Bond Beach (Jamaica);
  • Junkanoo Beach & Cabel Beach (Bahamas);
  • Cancun (Mexico);
  • Saint-Anne (Guadeloupe);
  • Beaches in Martinique;
  • San Blas (Panama).

James Bond Beach (Jamaica)

James Bonde Beach stands out for its crystal clear, calm waters and other natural beauties. On this beach, the sea blends in with the infinity of the sky, creating a unique and magical perspective. The beach was famous for serving as the inspiration for Flemming to write his stories about secret agent James Bond.

Junkanoo Beach & Cabel Beach (Bahamas)

Ocean in Bahamas. Image: Georgy Trofimov.
Ocean in Bahamas. Image: Georgy Trofimov.

These are the best beaches in the Bahamas and a must-see for anyone visiting the country. Both are public, but Cabel Beach has been taken over by Resorts. Junkanoo beach is more secluded and is a bit further from Nassau. On this beach you will find some bars and restaurants.

Cancun (Mexico)

Image: David Vives, Unsplash.
Image: David Vives, Unsplash.

Cancun has an excellent waterfront infrastructure. In this way, the main attraction of the city is to know the beaches, which can be visited on foot or by public transport, depending on the means of locomotion you have available.

The beaches in the region stand out for the blue of the sea, in addition to the white sand beaches, ideal for those who like to spend the whole day under the strong Caribbean sun. In addition to the beaches of Cancun, there are other beautiful options in the region, such as Akumal Xpu-ha Beach.

Saint-Anne (Guadeloupe)

Of all the towns in Guadeloupe, Sainte-Anne, in Grande-Terre, is certainly the most sought after by tourists. So, restaurants and bars open day and night! Picture-postcard beaches shaded by palm trees and pristine sand that gently slopes down to the crystal clear waters of the sea.

Thus, this is the place to go if you are looking for a well-organized tourist paradise. Where you can spend long hours on the island. Just relaxing in the sun. That will guarantee you the best tan in the office after returning home.

Beaches in Martinique

Beautiful Beach. Image: Daniel Oberg, Unsplash.
Beautiful Beach. Image: Daniel Oberg, Unsplash.

When we talk about the Caribbean, we always have in mind the beautiful beaches. Therefore, when visiting this small paradise in the Antilles, it is important that you discover the most beautiful beaches in the region. Among the main options, we highlight Fond Blancs, Plage Des Salines, Grand Anse d’Arlet, Anse Dufour, La Baignore de Josephine, La Pointe Marin and many others.

In addition, there are other natural attractions that you need to know, such as the Banana Museum, Jardin de Balata, etc. There are dozens of excursions organized by local agencies, which take you directly from the hotel to the mentioned attractions.

San Blas (Panama)

San Blas. Image: Yender Fonseca, Unsplash.
San Blas. Image: Yender Fonseca, Unsplash.

With 365 islands, the San Blas archipelago has some of the most beautiful scenery in the Panamanian Caribbean. That way, you need to visit it! The good news is that this paradise can even be discovered on a day trip from Panama City. The journey lasts around 3 hours, made by road and boat.

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