Top Historical Cities In Africa To Visit

Historical Cities In Africa. Image: Omar El sharawy, Unsplash.
Historical Cities In Africa. Image: Omar El sharawy, Unsplash.

Africa is the continent that contains the oldest traces of human occupation. Tourism on the continent is famous for its safaris in the African savannah, or even the travel of tourists in the Sahara desert. However, there are more attractions on this continent, such as the historical cities in Africa.

However, there are more attractions on this continent, such as the beaches in Africa. They are scattered across the continent. In order to talk about the main ones for you to visit, we made this article.

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Main Historical Cities In Africa To Discover

Now we will talk about the main historical cities in Africa that you must visit:

Cairo (Egypt);

Marrakesh (Morocco);

Casablanca (Morocco);

El Jem (Tunisia).

Cairo (Egypt)

Image: Sherif Moharram, Unsplash.
Image: Sherif Moharram, Unsplash.

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in North Africa. It is a mandatory destination for travel lovers from all over the world, especially for the historical value of the city and the region.

he Nile River has a sacred relationship with the people on its banks, especially with Egypt. The country is located in a desert region and the River Nile allowed the flourishing of one of the greatest civilizations of antiquity on its banks.

In addition to providing potable water, the waters in the Nile were also important for agriculture in the region. In addition, the Rio regime facilitated the practice of agriculture, as it flooded the banks and filled it with organic matter (humus).

As a result, the banks of the Nile are very productive and have been used since ancient times to grow wheat. No wonder, Egypt was considered for much of history as the breadbasket of the world.

Currently, the developments located on the waterfront and the Felucca ride are some of the great attractions that the Nile offers to its visitors.

As a traditional vessel from the Red Sea and the eastern Mediterranean, the Felucca makes your tour unique and has a very regional atmosphere. At some points, it is allowed to enter the waters of the Nile and be blessed by these waters that have made different civilizations flourish throughout history.

Marrakesh (Morocco)

Image: Calin Stan, Unsplash.
Image: Calin Stan, Unsplash.

Marrakech is an enigmatic city in Morocco. It was built in the 11th century, and therefore has medieval features. With narrow and fortified alleys, it has more than 20 access gates. In addition, it has an architecture characteristic of the Moorish peoples, who occupied a large part of North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula for centuries.

In addition, another very important attraction of the city are the fairs, whose spices and smells are great attractions. Don’t miss out on shopping when you visit the country or the markets in this city.

Casablanca (Morocco)

Image: Hans Jurgen, Unsplash.
Image: Hans Jurgen, Unsplash.

Casablanca is one of the best known cities in Morocco. This fame is mainly due to the film of the same name, a Hollywood classic considered by many to be one of the most romantic of all time. In addition, the city has a very strong cosmopolitan factor and great influence from French colonization.

In this way, take advantage of your stay in the city to learn more about French Art-deco. So, there are several religious temples and a mosque, with emphasis on the Hassan II Mosque, with the largest gazebo in the world!

El Jem (Tunisia)

El Jem. Image: Albert Gubaydullin, Unsplash.
El Jem. Image: Albert Gubaydullin, Unsplash.

The Roman domination left impacts on the culture and, mainly, on the local architecture. Thus, one of the best preserved amphitheaters of the ancient world is in the region of Tunisia: El Jem. Getting to know this monument is an excellent program for those traveling to the country.

Therefore, there are many historical cities to visit in Africa. Put them on your travel list!

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