Nazca, Top Attractions To Visit

Nazca. Image: JP Desvigne, Unsplash.
Nazca. Image: JP Desvigne, Unsplash.

Getting to know Nazca or Nasca means traveling in the deepest part of the history of civilization. In fact, it’s getting to know a society that emerged long before the Christian era, of nomadic hunters and gatherers, ancient people who left an enormous legacy of history and culture. The impression is that time has stopped in prehistory. So this you shouldn’t miss.

Well, it is in this place that you will discover the strange geometric designs in the form of giant animals such as birds, monkeys and others. Above all, Nazca fascinates with its underground aqueducts that are still in use today.

Therefore, we want to show you the best spots in Nazca and we hope that you can enjoy yourself in this beautiful place.

When To Go

Nazca is one of the driest places on Earth. To give you an idea, the city is inside a huge desert, with an annual rainfall of only 4 mm, where temperatures range from 10° to 32° C. So, any time of year is ideal.

Now, what you cannot forget for this trip is the sunscreen, the hat and sunglasses, because in Nazca the sun reigns practically all year round.

Top Attractions in Nazca

Image: Martin Espinoza, Unsplash.
Image: Martin Espinoza, Unsplash.

These are the main attractions of the Nazca desert:

  • The Nazca Lines;
  • Cantalloc Aqueducts;
  • Los Paredones.

Learn more about each of these attractions!

The Nazca Lines

Image: Bruno Girin.
Image: Bruno Girin.

The illustrious Nazca lines are ancient geoglyphs in the locality’s desert, declared a World Heritage Site in 1994 by UNESCO. Archaeological studies describe that these lines were created by the Nazca culture between 500 BC. and 500 A.D. In this way, since 1927 when the first drawings were discovered, until today, scholars continue to find different forms of lines such as, for example, birds, fish, monkeys, trees and human figures.

What really impresses are the complexities of the figures and the sizes that reach up to 370 m in length. In fact, it is this greatness that makes it necessary to leave the ground in order to know them in their entirety.

Undeniably, the best point of observation of the Nazca lines is the sky. For this, the city has excursions in small planes that make flights of about 30 minutes. This is an incredible tour that allows you to take spectacular pictures.

However, there is another option, which even though it does not provide unbeatable views of the majestic lines, makes it possible to have an idea of ​​what the exposed geometric figures are. In this way, there is an observation tower that is on the Pan-American highway that you can go by bus, private car, taxi. Also, there are natural lookouts in the surroundings that allow you to see some of the lines.

Cantalloc Aqueducts

Image: Diego Delso.
Image: Diego Delso.

According to the history of Nazca, the city had more than 46 aqueducts built by the Nazca culture approximately 1,500 years ago, as part of a system called “Puquios”. The importance of the aqueducts was to supply the city and neighborhood with water, mainly for agricultural use.

Currently 32 of the aqueducts are in operation and impress lovers of hydraulic engineering for being a model built with stones and tree trunks, spiraling into the subsoil as a means of obtaining underground water. A unique place where tourists go to take pictures on the different levels of the aqueducts.

Los Paredones

Image: Medhus, Flickr.
Image: Medhus, Flickr.

Likewise, Los Paredones de Nazca is another archaeological site that enchants with all its history. These ruins are located 2 km from the center of Nazca, being a scenario of stone and clay constructions in the middle of the desert. He had the role of connecting the Coast to the mountainous region. In this way, it was the residence of the representative of Cusco from 1471 to 1493.

Currently, the ruins represent what was once an administrative center, with warehouses, police centers, churches, squares and other buildings that are covered with ceramic fragments, tombs and other archaeological objects.

We hope you don’t forget Nazca on your trip to Peru. An exuberant city that fascinates with its archaeological sites.

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