Bilbao, Spain: Cosmopolitan City in the Basque Country

Bilbao. Image: Yves Alarie, Unsplash.
Bilbao. Image: Yves Alarie, Unsplash.

The biggest reason that makes Bilbao very special is cultural tourism. That’s right, what sets this medieval city apart is the Guggenheim Museum, which has undoubtedly contributed in a strategic way to local development.

However, this incomparable monument of art and culture paves the way for other tourist attractions in Bilbao. You will understand the reasons why you should know and enjoy this beautiful Spanish city.

The Best Attractions of Bilbao

Bilbao Windows. Image: Elcarito, Unsplash.
Bilbao Windows. Image: Elcarito, Unsplash.

Now we will talk about the main attractions of the city of Bilbao:

  • Guggenheim Museum Bilbao;
  • Museum of Fine Arts Ría de Bilbao;
  • Maritime Museum;
  • Zubizuri;
  • Cathedral of Santiago de Bilbao.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Image: Jorge Fernandez, Unsplash.
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Image: Jorge Fernandez, Unsplash.

Museum of Modern Art, opened by King Juan Carlos in 1997. It was designed by architect Frank Gehry. There are currently 4 more in the world, in the cities of New York, Venice, Berlin and Abu Dhabi. The museum houses important works from the 20th century and impresses with its modernity and futuristic art.

Especially for Bilbao, the Museum has changed the dynamic culture and history of the city. Undeniably, he is an icon of architecture. Remembering that its construction in the port area was part of the project to modernize the city’s industrial scenario.

Museum of Fine Arts Ría de Bilbao

A Bridge In Bilbao. Image: Rodrigo Curi, Unsplash.
A Bridge In Bilbao. Image: Rodrigo Curi, Unsplash.

It is observed that Bilbao exudes culture and art and, likewise, it is in the Museum of Fine Arts, which has an important collection of modern medieval art.

Its collection includes masterpieces such as La Anunciación (El Greco), Portrait of Martín Zapater (Francisco de Goya), Laveuses Á Arles (Paul Gaugin), Gran Oval (Antoni de Tápies), among others.

Another attraction of the Museum of Fine Arts is its location. Therefore, it is located in the green lung of the city: the Parque de Doña Casilda, a beautiful place to take a walk.

Maritime Museum

Its name could not be more appropriate, as this Museum is connected to the sea. This expression is perceived by its important collection that tells the history and maritime culture of the city. The collection includes boats belonging to the shipping companies in Bilbao, models of boats built in the city’s most emblematic shipyards, such as the Nervión or the Euskalduna.

In addition, it still has the watercolors of Esteban Bermejo, or the rescue system at sea level, provided by the Center of the Red Cross of the Sea of ​​Arriluze. In summary, this is a great tour to do with the family.


Zubizuri. Image: Eduardo Kenji Amorin, unsplash.
Zubizuri. Image: Eduardo Kenji Amorin, unsplash.

Alluding to a boat, there is the Bilbao bridge. It is a great work of Santiago Calatrava, so much so that many call it “Puente de Calatrava”. With an arched, white and slender structure, this work follows the same line that seeks to portray the architect in several of his works spread around the world, such as the Puente de las Mujeres, in Argentina (Buenos Aires) and the Museum of Tomorrow in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro). of January).

However, this building is not only impressive for its beauty, but also because from this point you will have the best view of the Guggenheim Museum. So it’s time to take those spectacular photos.

Cathedral of Santiago de Bilbao

This Catholic temple has been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. In addition, the Cathedral is part of the Way of Saint James (Ramal de La Costa). Also this beautiful Gothic church built between the 14th and 15th centuries, has many stories impregnated in its walls and in its architectural works.

It is worth mentioning the Gothic Cloister, the Portada Meridional, the Capilla Mayor and especially the Puerta del Angel, better known as Puerta de los Pelegrinos. Visiting this Cathedral is a unique experience!

Therefore, Bilbao is an essential cultural destination for anyone visiting Spain and the Iberian Peninsula!

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