Capadoccia Complete Travel Guide

Capadoccia. Image: Daniela Cuevas, Unsplash.

Capadoccia is a magical place in the Turkish countryside, famous mainly for the balloon rides it offers to its visitors. Thus, the main attraction of the region is the paradisiacal landscape that it offers, filled with valleys, mountains and the desert in red tones.

In addition, cave hotels give this region a different charm and particularity, offering tourists an unforgettable experience.

History of Capadoccia

Image: Burak Erenoglu, Unsplash.
Image: Burak Erenoglu, Unsplash.

Capadoccia is a region in the interior of Turkey, located in a mountainous region of the country and full of small villages and different tourist attractions.

The main tourist attraction in the region are the natural beauties, built with the action of time and thanks to the volcanic origin of the region. The union gives volcanic origin and the erosion of the time allowed particular formations, like the caves.

Many of these are used for various constructions, from houses to restaurants and hotels. The Balloon Flight in the region is famous all over the world and is a perfect schedule for those looking for new experiences and a privileged view of this beautiful region.

When To Go

Image: Yusuf Onuk, unsplash.
Image: Yusuf Onuk, unsplash.

Capadoccia can be visited all year round. The annual average temperature in the region is 10ºC, with an average of 18ºC in summer and 1ºC in winter.

Winter tends to be more humid, and when the highest rainfall occurs. Summer is drier and with clearer skies, ideal for practicing balloon flights, symbol of Capadoccia.

The period of greatest demand for the region is during the summer (June to September). Therefore, make it a priority to visit Turkey during this period, when you will be able to better enjoy both the city of Istanbul and the Cappadocia region.

It is worth noting that regardless of the time of year, it is important that you take warm clothes, especially when visiting Capadoccia. During the night, the temperature tends to drop a lot, even in summer.

How To Get To Capadoccia

To reach Capadoccia, the best alternative is by plane, as the city is located 13 hours away by land. The flight, in turn, takes only 1 hour and 15 minutes. There are daily flights and different options, with alternatives for those who value comfort or price.

Language and Currency used

Image: Ibrahim Boran, Unsplash.
Image: Ibrahim Boran, Unsplash.

Turkish people, in general, are very proud of their history and origins. However, they are not xenophobic or averse to tourism. On the contrary! The multicultural history and transition between different routes and peoples made the country very receptive to new cultures.

For communication, therefore, Turkish is a priority. However, English speakers will not have much difficulty communicating in the country, especially in tourist areas.

The local currency is the Turkish Lira, relatively stable, which helps those who want to get to know the country as a tourist. Another important highlight to mention is that there is no need for a visa to visit Turkey, as long as your trip does not extend beyond 90 days.

However, you need to present a passport valid for at least six months, proof of round-trip tickets from the country, as well as a blank Turkish visa page.

Top Attractions In Capadoccia

These are the main attractions of Capadoccia:

  • Balloon Flight;
  • Göreme and Its Panoramic Viewpoint;
  • Paşabağ;
  • Red Valley;
  • Love Valley;
  • Derinkuyu Underground City.

Balloon Flight

Image: Dmitri Zotova, Unsplash.
Image: Dmitri Zotova, Unsplash.

The balloon flight is one of the symbols of Capadoccia and features in most postcards about the region. The landscape is majestic and magical.

In addition, the possibility of appreciating the region from above and having only the silence as your companion makes everything even more magnetic.

The landscapes seen from the balloon are complex and bring together the region’s beautiful volcanic rocks, cities, hills, valleys and even wildlife in this area of ​​Turkey.

Another very beautiful landscape is to observe the horizon, paying attention to the blue of the sky, the yellow and orange tones of the sun, in addition to several colored dots, from other balloons that make the tours. Undoubtedly, a scenario that you will never forget.

The flights take place in the morning and, as the balloon is a means of transport that depends on the wind, it is necessary that the weather conditions are favorable, with few clouds and moderate wind.

Göreme and Its Panoramic Viewpoint

Image: Marvin Meyer, Unsplash.
Image: Marvin Meyer, Unsplash.

This attraction is located on the road between the cities of Göreme and Uçhisar. As is common with viewpoints, it is located at a higher level, which provides a privileged view of the entire region, including its valleys and slopes.

In this way, it is a good place for photos, as well as appreciating the geography of the Cappadocia region.


Image: Sava Bobov, Unsplash.
Image: Sava Bobov, Unsplash.

Paşabağ, or Valley of the Monks as it is popularly known, is located 15 minutes from Göreme. One of the highlights of this place are the fairy chimneys, a rock formation typical of Capadoccia.

These chimneys are of volcanic origin. The body of these elements suffer much less from erosion than those at the top, giving a shape similar to that of a chimney, which gives the formation its name.

Red Valley

Image: riccardo Monteleone, Unsplash.
Image: riccardo Monteleone, Unsplash.

This Capadoccian valley is situated in the vicinity of Göreme. It features a very beautiful panoramic view to observe the beauty of the entire region, especially the geography and cities.

The color of the Valley is related to the different temperatures of the lava layers. Another interesting point to know is that the formation of the valleys is the result of the erosion of rivers in the region acting on the structure.

The tip is to visit the Valley during sunset, when the landscape becomes even more beautiful.

Love Valley

Image: Linda Gerbec, Unsplash.
Image: Linda Gerbec, Unsplash.

Love Valley is named after the rock formations that form the well-known Fairy Chimneys, shaped like mushrooms, thin at the base and larger at the top, due to local erosion.

Due to its phallic shape, the Valley got its name. The valley is very beautiful and is worth it for those who want to take good pictures or even enjoy the view of the mountains in the region.

Derinkuyu Underground City

Image: Igor Sporynin, Unsplash.
Image: Igor Sporynin, Unsplash.

This is yet another underground city in Capadoccia. It is estimated that, in all, the region has somewhere between 150 and 200 underground cities.

Its origins go back to the very dynamics of the region, a crossing area and commercial route, much coveted, but mountainous. In this way, these cities were used as a shelter and safe region for those who inhabited the region. In addition, they were used by Christians to escape the persecution of different peoples.

These cities were built in a complex way, with many narrow paths and different rooms with air ducts. The disposition of the elements was made with the proposal to guarantee a life of a common city, with animal husbandry, commerce, religious spaces and housing.


Image: Stefan Vladimorov, Unsplash.
Image: Stefan Vladimorov, Unsplash.

Turkish cuisine is very rich and reflects the country’s culture, with different influences, from the mountainous region to the presence of the Mediterranean; of the union of different peoples, such as the Greeks, Turks and Arabs.

Turkish coffee and tea are very famous. So, whenever you can, stop to visit the teahouses and cafes in Turkey. To eat, there is Kebab (grilled meat), the typical Turkish dish best known outside the country.

There is also the Gözleme, a kind of Turkish crepe. As a sweet option, Blakava is a great attraction (generally made from puff pastry, honey and pistachios).

Anyway, there is an infinity of typical dishes and it is worth trying each one of them!

Therefore, Capadoccia is an unmissable place that you must visit on your trip to Turkey!

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