Malargue, Argentina

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Malargue. Image: Pablo Flores, Flickr.
Malargue. Image: Pablo Flores, Flickr.

Malargue is one of the main cities in the state of Mendoza, which is located north of the municipality of San Rafael. In addition, it borders the states of La Pampa, Neuquén and is also one of the borders with Chile.

Likewise, it is a city that stands out economically in agricultural, mining and oil production and still has an intense tourist activity both in summer and winter. It is very close to Malargue that is one of the main ski centers in Argentina, Las Leñas.

In this way, we invite you to take a stroll around Malargue, a city where nature offers many tourist activities. Come on!

Top Attractions In Malargue

These are the main attractions of the city:

  • Witch Cave;
  • Book La Payunia;
  • Enchanted Niña Lagoon;
  • Castles of Pincheira;
  • Las Lenas.

Witch Cave

Image: Pablo Flores, Flickr.
Image: Pablo Flores, Flickr.

First, we start with this charming place. The Cave of Witches is a natural reserve of marine rocks that, in addition to forming stalactites, seem to have been decorated with beautiful columns that vary between white and yellow. Surprisingly this is one of the most beautiful caves in Argentina.

However, to visit the Cave of the Witches you need to make a reservation at the tourist information center in Malargue. In addition, comfortable clothing is mandatory. Thus, the tour lasts for 2 hours and you must follow all the recommendations to be able to enjoy this unique adventure.

Book La Payunia

Image: Pablo Flores, Flickr.
Image: Pablo Flores, Flickr.

Another highly recommended tour is the La Payunia Reserve. Likewise, the previous reservation is a place where nature invites you to relax and enjoy every minute. It is located 200 km from the city of Malargue and is certainly the largest reserve in Mendoza.

It is added as information that it is declared a World Heritage Site, while its vast territory surprises by its amount of volcanoes and scattered lavas. So, it is the largest area of ​​volcanoes in the world.

Undeniably, the Payún Matrú volcano is the one that has the most impact, as its eruptions have been considered the largest in the world. Currently, the boiler has stopped exploding and still has a pond inside.

Entrance to the park is free, however, it is mandatory to enter with a qualified guide. It is recommended to go by car to explore this Patagonian desert.

Enchanted Niña Lagoon

Image: Pablo Flores, Flickr.
Image: Pablo Flores, Flickr.

Continuing on this adventure through Malargue, you must go to Laguna Niña Encantada, especially if your destination is Las Leñas. That’s because the lagoon is in the middle of the road and you should stop and discover this charming place.

Therefore, the first thing to know is its history. Well then, tells the legend of the love between a princess of a tribe, Elcha and a young man who was not of the nobility. As Elcha had been promised to a prince of another tribe, she decides to run away with her beloved.

Anyway, it was on this flight that they reached a lagoon and, to hide from their pursuers, threw themselves into the water. The first to arrive at the scene was the witch who was petrified by lightning and everyone who approached the water saw Elcha’s image reflected.

In reality, the lagoon has crystalline waters and is surrounded by volcanic rocks that give this area a splendor. In addition, the blue of the water is incredible, which means that the photos do not need any filter.

Castles of Pincheira

Image: Pablo Flores, Flickr.
Image: Pablo Flores, Flickr.

It’s amazing what nature can do over time. For example, Castillos de Pincheira, is the greatest demonstration of this power. That’s right, these are castles that are formed over time from volcanic rocks that have been eroded by wind and rain.

Like everything else in Malargue, this is also a place of natural beauty and many stories, such as the bandits who used to hide in these castles. Above all, it is a space for walking, photo safaris, horseback riding and trekking.

Las Lenas

Certainly, Las Leñas is one of the iconic places, not only in Malargue but in Argentina. It is one of the main winter tourism centers in the country. Above all, there are 17,500 hectares of slopes and lifts for different sports related to skiing.

Even more, it is a space that has all the infrastructure to receive tourists. Primarily it is one of the postcards of Mendoza. In Las Leñas, you can find everything from a ski school, snow equipment rental stores, to medical centers.

However, in summer Las Leñas has its tourist offer, namely trekking, climbing, raffting, abseiling, mountain biking and others.

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