Valparaiso, Chile: Colorful City Full of Art

Valparaiso: Image Loric Mermilliod, Unsplash.
Valparaiso: Image Loric Mermilliod, Unsplash.

As the name suggests, Valparaíso is one of those paradisiacal cities in the world, due to its peculiarities that go beyond the fact of being on a sea coast. Therefore, it enchants with its colorful houses in the middle of the cliffs, such as La Sebastiana, the current museum of the writer Pablo Neruda.

Furthermore, it is a city marked by European immigration, very present in its history, culture, architecture and gastronomy. However, it also does not overlook contemporary innovation in its construction, as can be seen in the Cultural Park of Valparaíso.

We could not fail to mention that the historic center of Valparaíso was declared in 2003, as a World Heritage Site, for its mixture of art, culture and history. These and other things we want to tell you so that you can consider it on your next trip and decide to discover Chile.

Top Attractions In Valparaiso

Image: Fabiola Llerena, Unsplash.
Image: Fabiola Llerena, Unsplash.

These are the main attractions of Valparaiso:

  • Los funiculares de Valparaiso;
  • La Sebastiana;
  • Cathedral of Valparaiso;
  • Baburizza Palace;
  • Natural History Museum of Valparaiso.

Los funiculares de Valparaiso

As already mentioned, due to the number of hills that the city has, there could be no lack of ways for its residents to move more quickly. Thus, from 1883 the government decided to build a means of transport to facilitate mobility in the region. There are currently 16 funiculars (lifts/elevators) that still exist, all of which are city heritage, and 8 of them are in operation. This is a unique tour and you cannot miss it.

La Sebastiana

Image: Tyler Gooding, Unsplash.
Image: Tyler Gooding, Unsplash.

This impressive boat-shaped house draws the attention of everyone who passes through Cerro Bellavista. With La Chascona in Santiago and Casa de Isla Negra, to the three houses of Pablo Neruda, La Sebastiana enchants with its architectural beauty and views of the port of Valparaiso.

It is currently a museum that is very popular with visitors to the city. Therefore, we suggest arriving early to better enjoy this divine construction, as well as to listen to the various reports about the poet.

Cathedral of Valparaiso

This religious temple is one of the mandatory stops in Valparaíso. In addition to being a church where thousands of devotees of Nossa Senhora do Carmo pass, it is also a historic place. There you can visit, for example, the catacombs where the remains of a priest are.

It is noteworthy that the Cathedral had its dome destroyed by the 1971 earthquake, as well as the facade. However, it was restored and then declared a National Monument in 2003. It really is a must visit.

Baburizza Palace

Image: David Vives, Unsplash.
Image: David Vives, Unsplash.

Another architectural icon in Valparaiso is the Baburizza Palace. A building from the 19th century in a modernist and eclectic style, where the Museum of Fine Arts is located. Without a doubt, it is an important art and cultural heritage of the city.

To get to know it, we suggest that you go up the “el Peral lift”, so you will have two tourist attractions in the same tour. You will be amazed by the panoramic view of the port. Don’t forget your cell phone or camera. The photos turned out fantastic.

Furthermore, the Palace is in a perfect state of conservation. Very beautiful and well taken care of. The collection of paintings by Chilean, French and Spanish artists is admirable. Yes, you shouldn’t miss this bath of art and culture that this place offers.

Natural History Museum of Valparaiso

Image: Mauro Mora, Unsplash.
Image: Mauro Mora, Unsplash.

For those traveling with family, friends or simply lovers of natural history, the Museum is a visit that cannot go unnoticed. It is worth remembering that the offers for children and teenagers are very interesting. We also inform you that the Museum is in an attic, which makes it even more attractive. It also has two libraries and one cafe.

Therefore, Valparaiso offers incredible attractions for those who want to discover a very authentic piece of Chile!

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